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Delivery starts: between Instant and 1 hour. Delivery time: gradually (up to 500-1k a day).

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About my order

I just ordered and I haven't received any follower?
Please note that the delivery starts between instant to an hour. This is an estimate and may vary depending many factors such as your account, Instagram, our service load, etc...
I ordered Followers and only received a part of it?
Delivery is done gradually and slowly so our system sends a first part to every new order and our team will manually arrange the delivery speed that is best for your account. The more an account has followers, the fastest we can deliver. An account with 1M Followers won't get the same delivery speed as an account with 200 Followers.
I received my followers and some dropped. What is happening?
Instagram algorithm detects when unusual amount of followers is added in a short period of time compared to your follower count before ordering. Do Instagram remove the followers from your account? No. Instagram remove the follow actions from the accounts who followed you. Does it mean my account have been flagged or can be banned? No, please read next question below for more details.
Can my account get banned for buying Followers or Likes?
We delivered millions of Followers or other services since 2012 and no account got ever banned since then. Instagram is well aware of this marketing strategy as it's used by all types of accounts, from celebrities, major brands or public figures. Instagram can only block your account for some time when their algorithm detects that you are spamming others, i.e that you are sending a lot of DMs or comments in a short period of time.
My followers are dropping, I thought they were permanent?
This happens because of Instagram algorithm (read question above) and this is not coming from us. When this happens, our team can refill the lost followers at no cost, just contact us through the chat or via your order tracking page and we will refill them for you.
Will my followers always drop?
No, once again this is happening because Instagram detects unusual amount of followers added to your account compared to the amount you had before ordering. This means that your followers will get stable at some point and the only thing we can do on our side is to refill the missing followers at no cost. Please note that accounts with over 50k followers will see less drop than others.

About Boostta

Why is nobody answering the chat?
Our chat is managed by humans and not a bot, which means that we are available during the following business hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm (Los Angeles time).
Where are you guys based?
Our team is based in Los Angeles so please consider the time zone difference when contacting us through chat or email.