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Please read carefully the FAQ below (currently being updated) before opening a support ticket.

Wednesday February 26th: Remember that drops depend on Instagram and your account, not our service. The only thing we can do about them is to refill your account when this happens. Thank you for your understanding.


Why are my followers dropping?
Occasionally Instagram will delete accounts that users mark as spam and especially these days as Instagram is making a lot of changes lately. This causes follower counts to drop all across Instagram. Sometimes it impacts our customers, sometimes it doesn't. If you experience drops within the first 30 days of your purchase, we will happily refill your account according to our free refill policy. Please note that accounts with less than 1k followers before ordering tend to drop more. The more followers you have the less they will drop.
My order has not been completed yet
Remember that we strive to deliver the best way according to your account. Small accounts are facing slower delivery than others as this is a requirement. Instagram has its limits and it's preferable for your account to not be impatient.
I just ordered and I haven't received any follower?
Please note that the delivery starts between Instant to 1 hour however this is an estimate and not a guarantee, the delivery time may vary depending many factors such as your account, our service load, time of the day, etc...
I ordered and only received a part of it?
Delivery is done gradually and slowly so our system sends a first part to every new order and our team will manually arrange the best delivery speed for your account. The more followers you have, the faster we can deliver. An account with 1M Followers won't get the same delivery speed as an account with 50 Followers.
"We're removing unauthentic likes and follows, change your password"
If you received this warning from Instagram, rest assured that this has nothing to do with our service. This warning is sent to people using third-party websites asking for your login details (including your password) and these apps or websites are strictly forbidden by Instagram now. These websites or apps can be automation bots (follow/unfollow), or schedule poster per example. Websites concerned by this are (but not limited to): Upleap, Graminator, Jarvee, Social Rabbit, Combin, Instazood,...Using these websites can now get your Instagram account banned or suspended. At Boostta, remember that we don't ask for your Instagram password and that we have nothing to do with these websites therefore our service is not concerned and 100% risk-free.
What is your refill policy?
Here are the conditions of our refill policy:
• Your order must not be older than 30 days from the day of purchase
• Your account must be public
• Your follower count didn't drop below the initial follower count you had before ordering
• Your didn't purchase followers from another service than Boostta
• You lost more than 5% of your followers or more than 30 followers

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